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Approval Voting: "Vote your heart and your mind" - Paul Hager, Libertarian for Indiana Secretary of State

What is Approval Voting, and what are its benefits?

Approval Voting (AV) is a different way of voting for and electing candidates to public office. Instead of being able to vote for only one candidate for office the way you do now, you can vote for as many candidates as you like. All of the votes that people cast in this fashion are tallied, and whichever candidate gets the most wins. Take a look at my campaign logo, above. It says, "I Approve" followed by four boxes, two of which are checked. AV is just that simple.

What are the benefits? Everyone knows that the American electoral system is crazy. To demonstrate how crazy, let's imagine God and Satan have decided to run for Governor of Indiana. It being Indiana, God is at 60% in the polls and Satan at 40%. God will win. But wait. In Christian theology, God exists in multiple persons. What happens if God the Father is running and God the Son decides to run also? What if the whole Trinity runs? Satan wins, right? The anti-Satan vote gets split.

Something is terribly wrong when voting for God gives you a Hell on Earth.

With Approval Voting the split-vote problem that elected Satan disappears because people who oppose Satan could vote for two or even three members of the Trinity, guaranteeing that one of them would win. The majority of voters would be happy with the winner and, most important, Satan would lose.

To find out more about AV, and why I'm running for Secretary of State, read on.

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